黑龙江快乐10分彩票群 www.yucvw.com 技术参数Technical parameters

参数内容 parameters 单位/unit QZ-47
蒸汽输入、输出口径 the steam input and output aperture inch DN15
蒸汽压力 steam pressure Mpa 0.4~0.5
蒸汽耗量 steam consumption Kg/h 20
抽湿口径 wet pump diameter inch 32
压缩空气口径 compressed air diameters inch 3/8”
空气耗量 air consumption mpa 1.04
整机净重 machine net weight kg 320
包装净重 packing gross weight kg 366
外形尺寸(长×宽×) dimension(L×W×H) mm 1500*1085*1220
包装尺寸(长×宽×) package size(L×W×H) mm 1600*1140*1420
功能点Feature and functions
●Pneumatic control, simple operation, low labor intensity.
●Hands button operation, safe and reliable.
●The NOMEX material at high temperature and high temperature of cotton cloth, durable, beautiful, air permeability, water absorption, good elasticity, ensure the ironing quality.
●Plywood die molding, welding fixture that surface of the circular arc, straightness error is small, the ironing quality good. The basic forming a weld is little, not easy to deformation, stable movement.
●Damping is good, ensure the smooth motion. Installed on the outer side of the frame, easy installation and maintenance.
●Movement, clamping were completed by two cylinder, the movement is smooth, the clamping force is easy to control, ensure the ironing quality.
●Pneumatic components manufacturing, stable quality, long service life.